We Are Importers and Wholesalers of Organic Moringa Powder In Peninsular and East Malaysia

Our products are certified organic and of the highest grade. We are also certified Halal from the UK Halal Authority.


The following are the prices of organic moringa powder for your perusal:
Slimmtreats Moringa Powder Quotation:
RM 90/kg while stocks last
These prices are valid nationwide *Prices not inclusive of shipping
Better prices available for larger order quantities
For enquiries please contact Mr Amri:
Product imgae:

Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder 1kg pack, heat sealed to maintain freshness.

MOQ for bulk orders is 10kg.

Additional Info Regarding Slimmtreats Organic Moringa Powder:

Certified organic by USDA:

usda organic chia seeds

ISO 22000 Certification:

iso certified chia seeds

Certified Halal UK:

halal chia seeds

Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices):

gmp chia seeds

Certified Kosher UK:

kosher chia seeds

We are dedicated Organic Moringa Powder Malaysia supplier and we sell both retail and wholesale, both online and offline channels. We can also act as manufacturers where we sell white label and it’s up to you to brand your own product.

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